parking permits

If you have been told by your doctor that you are eligible for a parking permit, then the Seniors Advocacy Service (SAS) is the place to get it.

Parking Permits

Here are the simple steps:
1. Ask your doctor for the form. He has to fill in parts of it and sign it. If your clinic does not have a form, obtain one from our office. * Please ensure that your doctor’s office has STAMPED your application or you will have to go back and get them to do that.
2. Once your doctor has filled in his section, bring it to our office, pay the $26
administration fee and you’ll receive your permit, usually the same day. **The client that is applying for the permit is REQUIRED to apply at our office in person as they are required to sign their permit.
3. Please keep in mind, some doctors charge different rates for signing this
form. We encourage you to request that your doctor waive this fee.
Our trained volunteers are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your permit.
Disabled persons are reminded that significant tax deductions are available to them. Download form T-2201 at, get your doctor’s certification and claim it on your tax return OR visit your local tax or Service Canada office.
A few reminders about using your Disabled Parking Permit:
Abuse of designated parking spaces is a significant barrier to those who are in need of these spaces—and it is against the law. Please respect the purpose of these spaces.
You are not to drive your vehicle with the permit hanging from the rearview mirror—you can be ticketed for this—up to $75. The permit must be displayed correctly in your vehicle when parked; otherwise, a fine can be administered.
The permit owner is the person who must be getting in and out of the vehicle when it is parked in a designated space. It is against the law to park with the permit owner and leave them in the vehicle while you shop or just go in for 5 minutes.
Please respect the intention of this permit. Remember, most people do not want this permit; they would rather have good health.

Download the Application Here.


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