Life After 60 – Seniors Living Well

Life  After  60 steps its up where health care ends, supporting Senior’s in BC with Medical Priorities.  It’s what we’re passionate about and we anticipate to  cover a wide spectrum of support.  

Life-Changing Medical Priorities –

Funding from Life After 60 helps to cover costs for medical priorities such as:  dental care, eye glasses, hearing aids, mobility devices and much more.  

Support, so families can breathe a little easier –  

Often a  Senior’s  condition is complex, which means quality of Life consisting of Basic Life Functioning Needs being met! 

Teamwork, to maximize the number of Seniors we can help –  

In addition to providing funding directly to Senior’s, Life After  60, also works with local grassroots organizations that deliver supports in the form of teamwork.  This exponentially increases the impact that Life After 60 which can have a therapeutic  reach throughout British Columbia, and builds capacity for support within each community. 

We believe we can achieve a lot more when we work together! Make a donation, volunteer your time, or even set up your own community fundraiser with our support!





Download the Life after 60 Funding Guidelines and application.